PCaPAC99 Tsukuba

about the Workshop:

This is the second international workshop on "Personal Computers and Particle Accelerator Controls (PCaPAC'99)" will be held at KEK, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, Tsukuba, Japan, on January 12-15, 1999.

This workshop is sequel to the first one held at DESY in 1996; it intends to be a forum for scientists, engineers, and technicians involved in PC-based controls, and to provide them with an opportunity to become acquainted with each other, and to get and discuss the latest information on activities in the field.

Improved performance and versatility of PCs together with the rapid decrease of their cost have convinced many laboratories, large and small, to make increasing use of PCs in accelerator controls. Indeed, in many cases, PC is not merely a "viable alternative", but rather the "machine of choice" even in large scale controls. We are confident that this trend makes the holding of this series of workshop all the more appropriate.

         The workshop consists of oral and poster presentations in the following areas:

 1) Java, ActiveX, Component ware
 2) Web application
 3) ACOP 
 4) Object technology
 5) I/O controller with PC
 6) Database, PC system management
 7) Commercial package software application
 8) Interconnectivity, Networking 
 9) OS and real-time solutions 
10) Controlling experiments with PCs
11) Control system architecture
12) New Plans 
13) The PC world

For latest information:

WWW: http : //conference.kek.jp/PCaPAC99/



For further information, please contact:

Ms. Yoko Hayashi, secretary to PCaPAC'99

KEK, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

      Oho, Tsukuba 305-0801, Japan

      Telephone: +81-298-64-5214

      Telefax: +81-298-64-5228

      E-mail: PCaPAC99@conference.kek.jp