Two-Stream2001 Transparencies of all Presentations

Electron Cloud (Experiment)
Studies of the Electron Cloud at the LANL PSRR. J. MacekLANL
Electron Cloud Instability in the SPSK. CornelisCERN
Study of Photoelectron Instability at the BEPCQ. QinIHEP
Measurement of the Electron Cloud Beam Blowup in PEP-IIR.L. HolzappleSLAC
Beam Blowup in KEKB LERH. FukumaKEK
Analysis of Bunch Oscillation in KEKB LERS. WinKEK
Estimation of Electron Cloud by Measuring Coherent Betatron Tune in the KEKB Low Energy RingT. IeiriKEK
Plasma Considerations in the IPNS RCSJ. DoolingANL
Electron Cloud (Theory and Simulation)
Simulations of Electron Cloud EffectF. ZimmermannCERN
Longitudinal Wake Field by Electron CloudF. ZimmermannCERN
A 3D Model For the EP Instability in Proton AccumulatorV. DanilovORNL
Fast Singlebunch Instabilities in Storage RingsD. PestrikovBINP
Head-Tail Instability Caused by Photoelectron CloudE. PerevedentsevBINP
Study for Tune Shift Caused by Electron CloudK. OhmiKEK
Simulation Studies of the Two-Stream Instability in Intense Particle Beams Based on the Vlasov-Maxwell EquationsHong QinPrinceton Univ.
Simulation Results of the Electron-cloud Effect at the LANL Proton Storage RingM. PiviLBNL
Numerical Study of Photoelectron Cloud in KEK LERL. WangKEK
Simulation of Multipacting EffectsY. SuetsuguKEK
Measurement and Diagnostic
The Secondary Electron Yield of Copper: New Experimental Results and their ImplicationsN. HilleretCERN
Measurement of Photo-Electron Yield at KEK PFY. SuetsuguKEK
On Measuring the Properties of the Electron Cloud in a High-Energy Electron-Positron MachineK. HarkayANL
Measurement of Electron Yield in KEKB LERY. OhnishiKEK
Discussion: Energy Distribution of Secondary Emitted Electrons
Electron Cloud Diagnostics in the SPS MachineJ.M. JimenezCERN
Ion and Dust Effects
Fast-Ion Instability in the SPring-8 Storage RingT. NakamuraSPring-8
Modulation of Trapped Ion Density Due to Passage of Bunch Train in KEK-PF Electron Storage RingA. MochihashiKEK
Dust Effect on the BEPCQ. QinIHEP
Simulation of Ion Instability at Super KEK BM. TawadaKEK
Beam-ion Instability in the Fermilab LinacK. NgFNAL
Discussion: Comparison of Simulation Codes, Possible Cure